MARCH - Laboratory for Medical Assistant Robotics and Cognitive Haptics at Korea Institute of Science and Technology


Power Assistant Robot

Bionic Interface

Surgical Robotics


1. Upper Limb Power Assistant Robot for the elderly and the disabled

KULEX-2 (2011)

KULEX-10 (2013)

KULEX-10: Activities of Daily Living (2013)

KULEX-10: Brushing Teeth (2013)

U2 (2014)

Prosthetic Finger (2018)

2. Decoding of Human Intention and Delivery of Haptic Sensation Using Bionic Interface

Rock-paper-scissors with Robot hand (2016)

3D Avatar (2016)

Rock-paper-scissors with K-arm (2014)

K-arm grasping motion (2014)

Drone Controller (2014)

PPT Controller (2014)

Writing name with Bionic Interface (2014)

Human-robot interaction with bionic interface (2015)

3. Surgical Robot Interface

Stereotactic Surgical Robot (2013)

Surgical Robot (2016)

4. Research on Haptics

Variable Friction Tactile Display (2014)

Wearable Haptic Display Device (2015)

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