MARCH - Laboratory for Medical Assistant Robotics and Cognitive Haptics at Korea Institute of Science and Technology


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Requirements for Post-Doc position

1. High quality journal publications or potential to publish the research results at top-ranked journal papers. 2. Strong English communication skills: documentation and presentation. 3. Strong skills in experimental design and technical abilities. 4. Strong analytical abilities of virtualizing, articulating, and solving complex problems. 5. Self-motivated and ability to work independently and lead projects with team members.

Requirements for researcher

1. Master degree or at least 2 year experience after a bachelor degree. 2. Good programming skills.(C++, MATLAB)

Position Description

1. Postdoc, Robotics Controls Engineer

A. Solid knowledge of robotics including kinematics, dynamics, and control theoretically and practically. B. Interest in bio-medical robotic applications including surgical robotics or rehabilitation robotics. C. Proven record of novel robot designs, control algorithms, system integration.

2. Postdoc, Mechanical Design Engineer (mechanism & instruments)

A. Solid knowledge of mechanism design, design synthesis & analysis, kinematics. B. Interest in bio-medical robotics applications including haptic device, human-machine interface, rehabilitation-robotics, bionic interface, medical instruments, surgical robotics. C. Proven record of novel mechanical design. D. Familiar with CAD software, machining, system integration.

3. Postdoc, Bionic Interface Engineer

A. Solid knowledge of EMG, EEG and other bionic signals. B. Interest in decoding of human motion intention and human anatomy. C. Strong background of signal processing and programming skills. D. Proven record of human subject experiments with IRB.

4. Mechanical Engineer

A. Experience of CAD software. B. Experience of robotic system integration including servo-motor control. C. Familiar with machining and drawings. D. Be excited with design of robot mechanism.

5. Electrical Engineer

A. Experience of circuit design, electronics, programming, wireless communication. B. Good software programming skill, C++, MATLAB, and mobile devices. C. Be exited with robot control.

6. Lab Coordinator

A. Strong communication skills. B. Strong documentation and presentation skills. C. Be exited with subject recruitment and meeting arrangement.